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More teen gerbils run around the pop treadmill.googleUne course plus de l'adolescence de gerbils autour du tapis roulant de bruit.

Top of the pops

The table googleLa table totpgoogletotp includes many of the acts that have played Top of the Pops week by week since late 1974. There are just three fields, wk, singer and song. The show has been going out every week since forever.googleinclut plusieurs des actes qui ont joué le dessus de semaine en semaine de bruits depuis 1974 en retard. Il y a juste trois champs, sem., chanteur et chanson. L'exposition était sortie chaque semaine depuis pour toujours.

wk singer song
27/11/74David EssexGonna Make You A Star
27/11/74Gary GlitterOh Yes Youre Beautiful
27/11/74Suzi QuatroThe Wild One
25/12/74Barry WhiteYoure The First The Last My Everything
25/12/74Charles AznavourShe
25/12/74David EssexGonna Make You A Star
25/12/74Ken BootheEverything I Own
25/12/74MudLonely This Xmas
25/12/74OsmondsLove Me For A Reason
25/12/74Paper LaceBilly Dont Be A Hero
25/12/74SladeMerry Xmas Everybody

Want more about UK Pop?... googleVoulez plus au sujet du bruit BRITANNIQUE?... http://www.bath.ac.uk/~bssnrw/popsearch/ps.htmlgooglehttp://www.bath.ac.uk/~bssnrw/popsearch/ps.html