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Can Access 2002 table info be converted to Oracle 11i
Limit disk usage for a user
How can I use a nested count function to.......
What is a view in MS SQL?
display employees who do not have managers
How do you store and retrieve an image in a blob using MySQL?
what is a surrogate key
truncate alert log
How can I select first 10 rows in Pervasive database?
I Want Upload dataBase From FoxPro To DataSQL ?
This syntax is for progress: select sum(prima_neta) label 'prima_neta' from acumulado. Which is the syntax for sql in Delphi?
save a DTS PACKAGE (in SQL SERVER )as a stored procedure?
What's the syntax to insert more than 1 row at a time from hardcoded values?
What's the syntax to retrieve the top 2 sales in a table
How to substr tbl_nm_1.aaa to tbl_nm_2.bbb
How do I select data form column F1, that corresponds to data from Comumn F2, whehe data from F2 has the latest date?
Tree Structured Queries in Mysql
Connect to multiple ODBC sources
What is the syntax for assigning a default value to an attribute?
I would like to know how to retrieve data using DLookup function
After constraints have been created, can SQL change them?
How do you perform division in sql?
Test question - ignore
Are TO_NUMBER and TO_NUM interchangeable in ORACLE?
Why does embedded sql and sqlj use host language variables whereas dynamic sql use the ? placeholders
What are the advantages of using host language variables as parameters in embedded sql compared with ? placeholders
How can I use arrays in Access or SQLServer for collecting pictures on one page after choosing?
Run scripts
ANSWER for SELECT IN SELECT (SELECT distinct(region), Max(area) from cia group by region)
what programming language is best for SQL
What is the syntax for eliminating duplicate records in a table?
what are the weaknesses of SQL?
Is there a way in generic SQL to add a record to a table with a key field (in access it's a autonumber field) without specifying what the key number should be?
How can we substract two dates in order to find de difference in years, months and days EXACTLY
Return a list of names so that each name appears just once in my list.
How do I get the user to enter a dtae in DD/MM/YYYY format and store it in mySQL 'YYYY/MM/DD' Format
execute a script
What are DDL,DML,DCL and TCL?
How can we locate the lowest date for each record when table has about 10 columns of dates?
How do you add character & interger data type values into new fields(columns) that were created in a case function?
Features of Sql Database
how do i access a table with a composite primary key
if then statements example please
What is the syntax to create a new table which gets an existing table structure?
how do you create an table column for a number that has decimals?
I created a database called DPONBR.How do I copy a flat file into a SQL database?
I can create a linked server for an MS Access Database with SQL Server if it's in my local machine, but can't do it in a remote machine. Any suggestions?
top 10
Does any one know of any free MySQL & PHP servers with plenty of storage space??
Step by step Sql Server Installation in Win 2000
column name
How do i join one query to another?.
Can i email
what if 'can't create tcp socket' appears when I try to start MySQL server?
I cannot create columns in my table with numeric values. Any clues as to what the reason could be?
What are the advantage/disadvantages of SQL.
how to define time
assign datatype for time?
What is PL/SQL?
how do I change what user runs the MySQL server from root
How do I define a table such that its foreign key references multiple tables in Oracle?
Does Oracle allow a compute statement in SQL
This tutorial indicates that a semi-colon at the end of an SQL statement is not correct; however, ANSI SQL requires a semi-colon at the end of all SQL statements. Is this something particular to MYSQL only?
To insert image in the image field
how can i get latest guidline about SQL?
How is data stored in a RDBMS?
Create an Oracle table that has a field using the Boolean datatype
I need to write a SQL script for Oracle 7.3 to do the following:
Can i create a function in sql similar to IIF , plz let me no
NULL function
not a valid month
'List the countries which have a GDP greater than the whole of Africa' using MySQL?
List the countries which have a GDP greater than the whole of Africa using MySQL
I want to sort on part of a field. Can I? What syntax?
How can I update the rows of one table with data from another table, identified by an ID?
How can I update the rows of one table with data from another table, identified by an ID?
In oracle, how do I limit the number of rows returned on a select stmt?
what is shipyard
which system tables are affected when a database is created or modified?
Give oracle equialent SQL for Except all,intersect all in DB2
answers to SQL questions
How to convert a string field into integer in a SQL query?
can I change the default value of a bit field from 0 to 1
What's the fastest way of normalizing entities?
How to count one Field according to a second Date Field on every 5 minutes interval (on the Date field)?
where can i find information about sql's bnf ?
How use WHERE with two tables?
How use WHERE with two tables?
Normalization rules for a many to many situation
how to copy only the structure of table
What does (+)= do in a proceedure
SQL command to transfer data between two tables
What is the syntax for a select statement with a round function
Get date
what is the cost
subtract dates
list table structure
If Then
If Then
echo on
what is an index in sql server?
Which version of the SQL server supports windows 98?
ANSWER TO: how to copy only the structure of table
how can i write and use stored procedure in vb6?
In MS Access, how do I get to print out SQL code that is used to alter a table?
what does this mean and why is it bad? Select* from table where c1=^~
How is MySQL compatible with Oracle?
How is MySQL compatible with Oracle?
How can i alter a query to displat only those group s that have at least two employees?
How do i enter a query that will list the name and salary of eahc employee who earns more than the average of all employees' salaries?.
What is the actual definition of entity and referential integrity?
Is it possbile to use variables in SELECT to allow forms to set conditional (WHERE, etc.) parameters?
Is sqlserver faster than oracle
multi record using sql access
Workaround for Access SQL limit on 40 'AND' operators after the WHERE section
display the department number in which maximum employees work
create a compound key
create foreign keys
Can SQl update a file using information from another file. If this can be done provide an example Type a new question here.
I would like to see a list of all my tables that I have created in the database. How do I do this
easy way to find multiple strings in table (AND or OR)
how to start with sql server?
execute a query to a new table into new database
How can I create Identity field in Oracle? (AutoNumber)
Create a temp table
How can I join fields with different data types in one query?
What does firehose mode mean?
group 2 queries both grouped joined with UNION ALL
What is Composite Primary Key
is there any difference setting up and programing a mysql databse on a RAID of HD's?
Is there any way to order records in specific way?
How to link SQL Server 2000 with Java?
How can i join 3 or more tables ? in oracle SQL
SQL permit to have relationship among different databases?
how to convert character to smalldatetime
relational database for airline system
create Date datatype column in table
How can I rename a column name?
I would like to see a list of all my sequences that I have created in the database. How do I do this?
I would like to see a list of all my table indexes that I have created in the database. How do I do this?
how can i use sql in visual c++ (connect to ms access)?
How do you CREATE ASSERTION in an existing table?
how to get a random sampling OR a maximum count
How to specify Even Records
Does replication with SQL2000 need license?
How do you change the string delimiter from ' in oracle
Produce a report of the treatments prescribed and their frequency of use in the last year.
Produce a list of patients and all their problems, indicating whether they are current or not
Produce a list of problems and the providers who have treated them
Determine how many providers a patient has seen in the last 5 years
Write an SQL query that produces a
what types of codd rule in database?
how can convert access database into mySQL
minus (select
How do I copy information from one database to another without having to insert the information over again?
What is a Queue
why sql is not perfect
do a left join in oracle
equivalent of access date diff in oracle
how can we convert SQL database to mySQL
how can i select a second highest salary in one company using sql query ,suppose if there are so many people?
create a program using a while loop that loops 3 times and each loop prints the words: this loop number n (n is the loop number it's on)
Disable an index in Oracle
How can you parse a name field into first middle and last name fields?
What is the funcation for averaging numbers? (Access)
Searching with multiple search terms/fields
find total number of people in a table
create transaction in sql store procedure
get tools that read and extra files from orcale databases
create coloum in a existing table
Can I create a primary index field when i use a SELECT INTO command?
How do I use id to update the table when user enter new value
find age?
how can i update the value of one column when the other column is update in mysql?