A Gentle Introduction to


Pick an engine:

Top of the pops

About Top of the Pops

Looking at the data.

1a Take a look at some of the data - select songs concerning house .

1b Find the acts which played on 20th May 1982. The format used for dates varies from one SQL engine to another. Try any of
'20 May 1982' (Oracle & SQL Server),
#20 May 1982# (Access),
'1982-05-20' (MySQL)

1c Find details of the show that took place in the week following 20th May 1980 - you should select for shows between 20th and the 27th.

Date calculations

2a Show details of the shows that took place on any of your birthdays - for any year.
  day(wk)=20 AND month(wk)=5

2b The show used to go out on Thursday, more recently it's been on on Friday - show the number of shows for each day of the week.

2c Show the first and the last dates that 'Lulu' played Top of the Pops

Just for fun

3a Which singers have had most appearances for each decade? Please don't try it as it takes a long time to execute...

3b Which song has been most covered?

3c Who's career has the longest span?

3d Which are the one hit wonders?